Sysrepo project members are proud to have participated in the IETF 96 Hackathon in Berlin held from July 16th (Saturday) to July 17th (Sunday). The Hackathon proved to be record breaking regarding the number of participants - about 150 - and registered projects counting more than 20 projects spanning across 15 different technologies including YANG, NETCONF and RESTCONF technologies. As is customary, the Hackathon was held alongside IETF meetings.

The IETF Hackathon is all about promoting the collaborative spirit of open source development and integrating it into IETF standards. Instead of presenting projects through time-consuming presentations, this year they were described through project posters which came out to be a positive change for all participants and helped to speed up the whole process by changing the focus entirely to hacking. You can view our project poster below:

Sysrepo IETF96 Hackathon poster

Aside from grabbing snacks and refreshment, hackers spent that Saturday building teams, answering questions from other participants about their projects and diligently working on finishing their projects. Sysrepo was no exception, and our staff lead many constructive discussions with other participants on the future of Sysrepo/Netopeer2 project and how it can be integrated into their existing solutions. Members from the KEA team went a step further and provided our first Hackathon project which consisted of adding NETCONF/YANG support to KEA using Sysrepo/Netopeer2, thereby enabling NETCONF management of DHCPv6 in ISC KEA.

Our second project at the Hackathon involved NETCONF management of Raspberry PI which consisted of installing a pin switch on the PI and controlling it via Sysrepo, demonstrated by fetching a sensor's temperature. Two of Sysrepo members, Rastislav Szabo and Lukas Macko, were in charge of this project. Another member, Mislav Novaković, was in charge of testconf management system for the Sysrepo data store which demonstrated how devices can be remotely accessed and their data viewed and edited. The demonstration was documented here and here.

Sunday started much the same way as Saturday finished, and everyone continued working on their projects to the last minute. After the hacking was done, project leaders turned to presenting their projects both to the judges and to the audience consisting of participants present in person or via live stream. Out of a large number of quality projects, we are pleased to have received the "Most Importance to IETF" award.

The week of IETF from July 18th-22nd was reserved for presentations and much was discussed there about NETCONF, YANG and the entire situation around that ecosystem. At the end of IETF's week came the Bits-N-Bites meeting, held on July 21st, where we had a chance to present Sysrepo/Netopeer2 to a larger IETF community. In retrospect, the whole IETF experience served as a great platform for learning more about various standardized technologies and for discussing and spreading the word about Sysrepo/Netopeer2 ecosystem. Additionally, it also resulted in Sysrepo members which worked on building the Sysrepo/netopeer2 ecosystem to finally meet one another and bring what was so far an online collaboration inside four walls. We also took some pictures to commemorate the event, so here are some of the people behind Sysrepo/Netopeer2 project:

Sysrepo members

From left to right:

We were also mentioned on Cisco's blog review of the IETF 96 Hackathon.

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