Testconf performance

Testconf performance is tested by using a script which runs nodejs testconf process a given number of times. This performance test shows the performance of the testconf library and Netopeer2 server which can be visible from the results. The tests show that testconf has room for improvement.

Until testconf can handle multiple values, we are testing requests: get, set and delete for a list entry. The tests were performed on the running datastore.

Operation       |   ops_performed |    ops/sec |       time
get item        |             100 |     1.6329 |    61.2374
set item        |             100 |     1.5981 |    62.5736
delete item     |             100 |     1.6812 |    59.4806

Measurement infrastructure: Locally inside docker containers: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz

The demo of this test can be played below:


In the video the tests were applied on the running datastore and because of that the changes are visible.

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