Sysrepo Python 3 bindings

When Sysrepo is to be compiled with language bindings for Python 3 make sure relevant Python packages are present on the build machine. In Ubuntu world that would be python3 and python3-dev packages. The sysrepo docker container comes with preinstalled Python 3 on Ubuntu 14.04. You can find out about that in the Dockerfile

To compile the Python 3 bindings use the cmake flag GEN_PYTHON_BINDINGS and GEN_PYTHON_VERSION.

From the docker container sysrepo/sysrepo-netopeer2:devel_20161027 you can build Python 3 bindings with the commands.

cd /opt/dev/sysrepo
mkdir build_python3
cd build_python3
make -j2
make install

The code example used can be found here.

Now you can run the Python 3 examples with:

sysrepod -l 0
python3 swig/python3/examples/

You can watch the process in the asciinema video:

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